About us

Bloom Seventy Seven is an online apparel store based in Alberta, Canada. We are three siblings who run a business, and our goal is to offer comfortable everyday clothing to our customers. Lately, we have made an effort to add to our catalogue clothes that are sustainable and recycled to make our contribution to helping save our planet. 

We operate our business in a way that helps eliminate overproduction, hence helping to cut down on the overall production that leads to waste, helping keep the planet green. Our packaging has been configured in such a way to eliminate the use of unnecessary layers of packaging while using recycled mailers and packaging of varying percentages, not less than 60% post-consumer waste.

Becoming more sustainable is not a straightforward road; there is still a long way for us on our sustainable journey, but we look forward to taking on and meeting all the challenges in the future. Also, we have made great strides by increasing our offerings of more sustainable fibres, using more eco-friendly production methods, and creating efficient waste management.